Nature Photography: Dawn and Sunset

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A Word about Quebec Province

Canada's Quebec Province, known simply as Québec for its inhabitants, is a place of epic proportions. One must travel more than 1000 km to go from Montreal to Perce village. The main power plants are more than a thousand kilometers away north or north east of Montreal, often much more than that.

It's three times the size of France and seven times the size of Great Britain for less than eight millions inhabitants.

There are thousands of rivers and lakes. Saint-Jean lake is 30-40 km wide... The Saguenay river is 1,6 km wide at mid-course (first picture). Saint-Laurent river is of course in a class by itself.

The official language (and the one most people use) is French.

In Montreal, most people also speak English enough to be understood, many are bilingual. Elsewhere in the province, English-speaking tourists can travel while speaking English. They will always be received with a smile and a rough accent...

So come visit us and this beautiful place, we're waiting for you.